Bulk & Cylinder LPG

LPG vs Electric Heating

LPG vs Electric Heating

LPG (LP Gas) vs Electric Heating

Strengths of LPG

LOWER UNIT COST – LPG has a lower unit cost than electricity.


With LPG you know what your CO2 emissions are and can control them. With electricity from a mains supply you generally have no idea how the electricity was generated and therefore how big your carbon footprint is.


Radiant heaters can ignite nearby furnishings or objects due to the intensity of their output and lack of overheat protection.


Fan heaters are generally quite noisy.


Storage heaters release their heat at a predefined rate, so if you set a heater to release its heat too fast you can ‘run out’ of heat before the end of the day.


Requires the entire floor to be lifted and can create maintenance issues if there are future faults.

Strengths of Electric Heating

No storage tank required.

Not tied to an LPG supplier

Electric underfloor heating  can free up walls, ceilings etc compared to some LPG alternatives (i.e. radiators or space heaters), but ‘wet’ under floor heating is also available as an LPG option.

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    February 22, 2023
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