Bulk & Cylinder LPG

New to Bulk LPG Tank or Cylinder LPG Gas?

New to Bulk LPG Tank or Cylinder LPG Gas?

LPG / LP Gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a highly versatile gas that is easily transported and stored in liquid form, normally in a Bulk LPG Tank or Cylinder. Because LPG is abundantly available it provides all of the benefits of mains gas to rural areas together with those that require a highly efficient, more ‘portable’ energy source.  In such cases, LPG offers a self-contained energy source for many different applications such as LPG powered central heating, hot water, cabinet heaters, under floor heating, cooking, mobile catering, residential parks, transport, manufacturing and agriculture.

A Cleaner Energy

LPG is globally recognised a low carbon fuel, highly versatile, sustainable and abundantly available. In March 2007 the ’20/20/20 European Directive’ imposed compulsory targets on all 27 member states, specifying that 20% of energy consumption must be met by low carbon energy by 2020. Whilst this is an extremely ambitious target it is widely recognised that LPG has an extremely important role to play in meeting this target, especially when replacing less efficient hydrocarbon based energy sources such as oil, electricity, wood and coal.

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Some Key Facts About LPG:

Available: LPG is a highly versatile gas abundantly available throughout the UK and Europe. There is a bouyant and competitive market, it’s affordable, widely available and most importantly, it’s sustainable.

Green: LPG is a Greener fuel choice for both Home and Business – helping to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions. LPG produces significantly fewer NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) and sulphur particulates than heating oil so virtually no soot is formed.

Portable: LPG is a portable energy source with many applications. Stored in a Bulk LPG Tank or Cylinder, LPG brings energy to life – to where there is no other clean, reliable, cost effective alternative; rural and remote communities, mobile homes, boating, ballooning, transport and mobile catering.

Secure: LPG can be delivered by road tanker and stored in a Bulk LPG Tank or in ready to use LPG cylinders. Because LPG is abundantly availably continuity of supply for Home and Business is secure.

Efficient: LPG is highly efficient. LPG has lower CO2 emissions than all other hydrocarbon based fuels and emits 11.7% less CO2 per kWh than traditional heating oil.

Versatile: When stored in a Bulk LPG Tank or Cylinder LPG has a wide range of applications – Hotels & Catering, Fork Lift Trucks, Agriculture, Horticulture & Grain Drying, Industrial and Process Manufacturing, Residential & Holiday Parks and Power Generation.

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