With Bulk Tank LPG and ‘mains’ delivered energy costs now on the up, the number of people switching their energy supplier was up by a massive 30% in 2016.

Within the Home Bulk Tank LPG and Commercial Bulk Tank LPG market we have witnessed a number of suppliers making very large upward movements in the price that their customers pay on the back of both the weak pound and the general rise in the underlying cost of wholesale LPG.

Savvy LPG Home Bulk Tank & Commercial Bulk Tank customers are now really latching on to the opportunity to switch to better, lower cost LPG suppliers and providers, particularly those Domestic and Commercial LPG providers that can provide high levels of customer service combined with price security over the Supply Agreement term.

Throughout 2016 there were 7.7 m energy transfers, made up of 4.4m electric and 3.4m mains gas and LPG (Bulk Propane). To find out just how much you could save on your essential energy based utilities, Electricity, Mains Gas or LPG, simply go to www.powerandgas.co.uk to start the switch process.