Due to the continued shortage of LPG within the UK, combined with the increased demand for LPG on the back of the unseasonably cold weather, we now have some significant delays in suppliers getting LPG deliveries out to their customers.

Many of the smaller LPG suppliers have been hit particularly hard, often finding it difficult to secure the suppliers necessary to maintain continuity of supply to their Home Bulk Tank & Commercial Bulk Tank LPG customers.

The shortage of LPG within the UK goes all the way back to October 2017, starting with Hurricane Harvey, that caused the closure of 4 refineries on the East Coast of America. In December 2017 the Forties Pipeline had to close for emergency maintenance and some large cargo’s of LPG, normally destined for the UK, were diverted to other North West European countries.

In more recent times, we have also had further disruption to the supply network caused by restrictions at both Stanlow Refinery (Essar Energy) in Cheshire and the Fawley Refinery (Exxon) in Southampton.

All LPG suppliers are taking measures to address the challenges faced. Driver hours have been extended and LPG deliveries are being prioritised around the clock to those customers who are vulnerable, who are low on gas or who are already out of gas. During this period customers are also being asked to use gas sparingly.

Customers who do not have ‘Telemetry’ for ‘Automatic Top-up’* and who are on ‘By Request’, are also being asked to place orders when they are on or around 40%.

* Customers who are on ‘Automatic Top-up’ may also find that their deliveries are being triggered later, often at 10% as in most cases this will still provide them with up to 20 days cover for a normal Domestic user of LPG.

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